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Overwhelming Question

"Hand-made Vs. Machine-made". This is a very sensitive topic to all string instrument lovers.

This is a a real battle-field, therefore it is my intention to delve deeper into my design philosophy by highlighting, rather than hiding, the manufacturing process of my instruments and explain my choices.

In order to achieve "excellence" as a target result, it has been necessary (I decided) to use numerical control tools, with fault tolerance in the range of tenth of millimeters, that helped me to achieve these highly ambitious goals, which would be otherwise unattainable by hand,  or which would not necessarily guarantee repeatability.

The man / machine combination was the only viable solution to guarantee a consistent quality product and with those specifications ARROGANTIA can boast. Some might argue that, and in my opinion they are totally mistaken,  by doing so all the craftsmanship in the manufacturing process is lost (as well as some mystic magic aura tied to it), but, actually what we are simply doing here is to remove all those risk factors that could affect the final result and entrust, then, to machinery that precision man would never be able to get.

This is indeed a valuable contribution that, thanks to its top precision, provides you with an instrument which is free from defect in its structural components and can resist extreme settings (the primary goal of the entire project).

Therefore, I'd like to point out that the use of this type of technology is not intended for mass production, also because this instrument needs several cycles on/with the CNC milling machine before it's finally processed which takes much longer than making the same items entirely by hand (although here "by hand" simply means to use identical equipment which is operated manually and not by a computer, with all the risks/benefits implied in it).

The final goal is to have an artifact of absolute precision, with the guarantee of an assembly which is always perfect.

A close supervision during the many work cycles with the CNC machine, the whole painting process, the meticulous final sanding/polishing, the careful assembly and rigorous final set-up are all operations that I personally check and carry out while focusing, with the same attention, on each single instrument I create with the love and passion I share for this job I proudly do in my lab.


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