The driving force behind the ARROGANTIA project was primarily the need to have an instrument that would get as close as possible to a principle of perfection, both structurally and aesthetically (although this relates to the sphere of subjectivity, therefore it shall be regarded as objectively balanced) and to do this, it was crucial to have the absolute precision in manufacturing and a very clear vision on your target.

At the beginning the greatest challenge was to understand the qualities and features that would make this instrument far above the others, my approach was to study with reverence and without bias everything that had already been done though driven, at the same time, by an inexhaustible enthusiasm for research trying to figure out what else could be done.

My personal experiences as a customer, also with most noble guitars (including Custom Shop), were often disappointing to some extent and they never fully satisfied my need for answers.

The extreme difficulty in achieving this goal led me to create, with the ambition to provide to all those who have my same needs, what I consider as the "ultimate guitar ",an instrument whose design features are aiming only at the best possible results, without compromises of any kind, and that would guarantee utmost care to detail and eventually become not only the preferred instrument for its sound and versatility, but also also a modern art masterpiece.

A guitar that would have clear manufacturing qualities and that would be the remising link between the most successful models, by exploiting their brilliant insights which would result in an instrument able to merge this important legacy with its well-defined character.

The scale used in the Arrogantia instruments is 24.75 inches (also known as "short scale") which in synergy with a particular section of the neck, a 16 " radius, zero-fret and jumbo-frets, the gives an ease of use out of the ordinary, allowing you not to dissipate unnecessary energy in the most intricate phrases so that nothing can miss your maximum expressiveness.

This is the "vision" I am determined to carry on as the project unfolds. 


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